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Electronic Loads

Metrix Electronics has a full range of programmable electronic loads from B&K Precision, for up to 5000 watts, available to buy online today.

For most electronic applications today, using energy efficient and reliable power sources is critical. For this reason, it is important to have a test instrument that can accurately portray results that define the performance of the power sources used to provide electricity for devices such as electric vehicles, computer power supplies, 4G cellular phones, and even consumer standard household batteries.
Programmable DC Electronic loads are one such instrument that will aid in testing various settings, configurations, schemes, and methodologies.

Please use the filters below to select electronic loads for your application then click the product links for full technical information and buying details. Or call us on 01256 885940 if there's anything else you need to know.

Metrix Electronics has been supplying an extensive selection of electrical and electronics instruments for laboratory and industrial applications since 1999, and our technical team, based in Hampshire UK, is always ready to help with application advice.

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