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Metrix Electronics Limited supplies and supports an extensive selection of electrical and electronics instruments for laboratory and industrial applications. We operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.

Metrix office at Belvedere House


We are members of the GAMBICA trade association and we are able to offer applications, advice and specialist assistance on all of the products that we supply.

In its current form Metrix Electronics Ltd came into being in September 1999 following a management buy-out from its French parent company.

Having been based for many years in central Basingstoke, the company relocated in 2010 to larger, barn-conversion offices in the Hampshire village of Bramley.  And as of August 2023 we are now based on Basing View in the heart of Basingstoke.

Metrix Electronics provides an innovative source for technology products for major industrial customers as well as assisting specialists in instrumentation, control and Engineering.

Metrix Electronics Limited supplies and supports an extensive selection of electrical and electronic instruments for laboratory and industrial applications. These include display systems and industrial communications products, industrial panel instrumentation, portable test and measuring equipment and LED clocks from major brands such as BK Precision, GMW, Simex,  microSYST and RGB.

Our Hampshire Technical Team provides friendly, local support and advice to industry, laboratory and education customers. Drop us an email with your instrumentation or displays query to: sales@metrix-electronics.com – we’re here to help.

Opening Hours

Metrix is generally open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday (excluding bank holidays) and closed on Fridays.

We believe there are benefits for all Metrix Electronics people from a 4 day working week pattern.  We are not formally participating in the 4 Day Week Global Pilot Program but we will continue to assess the benefits as we operate Monday to Thursday until further notice.  Thank you for your understanding.


ISO 9001:2015 Accredited

Certificate FS 69483

Member of GAMBICA


The Metrix Sales Team

The Metrix Sales Team takes special care to appreciate how your project requirements must solve a problem for you – and we’re not afraid to highlight solutions from our competitors (we would rather solve your next problem well than solve your current problem badly).  Get in touch!

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Peter Dann, Metrix Electronics


A 1.2m LED bargraph display unit from Metrix Electronics UK's Migra/Migan Microsyst range is in use at a steel mill. The unit provides distance readable indication of the level of molten steel in a vessel for at-a-glance monitoring by workers in this safety-critical environment. An integral heater was included inside the IP65 aluminium case to cope with temperature swings in the mill building.

The customer's brief: "...a large 500-1000mm tall bar graph with numeric display for use in a steel mill on the cast floor.  It will be exposed to very dirty environment with seasonal temperature swings from -7 to +35ºC. " The customer's verdict: "Thank you very much.  I will tell you that we are trying to promote your bargraph as an option for our measurement system.  I hope we can sell a lot of them."
Metrix boosts steel safety 

Another successful installation of Metrix bargraph displays has been made by an energy generation customer. OC2001-57 500mm bargraphs were chosen by EDF Energy for Sizewell B nuclear power station.

Steven Wootten—Sizewell B Systems Health Engineer—said, "We required a new electronic level indicator on the live steam drains tank at Sizewell B which was visible to the operator up close and from a distance. In addition to this we required the indicator to be able to show the level set points for a range of different running regimes. Metrix Electronics comprehensive range of bargraph indicators was ideally suited to the task. The drains tank level can now be viewed from the operating hall floor at a glance and anyone can see if a set point is approaching. This modification has made a significant improvement to the operators when returning the plant to service and has simplified the return to service of the steam drainage system coming out of a turbine outage".
Metrix Goes Nuclear 

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