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Digital Panel Meters

Metrix Electronics' digital panel meters range is extensive.  It includes panel-mounted digital ammeters, digital voltmeters, digital temperature meters and serial displays - for laboratory and industrial applications.

Digital panel meters constitute the largest family of automation equipment.  They range from simple LED indicators designed only to display basic parameters such as working states or physical quantities (temperature, level, pressure etc.), to complex controller units with several relay outputs. Applications are common in manufacturing, power generation, laboratories and chemical processing.  Dependent on the type of signal measurement or sensor used, digital panel meters can have inputs for current, voltage, millivolts or be adapted to suit an RTD temperature sensor or thermocouple.  Metrix also offers many of these meters in waterproof cases.  This permits separate mounting local to the actual industrial processes.  Furthermore, many meters offer serial communications ie: connecting back to a central control room.

Since 1999 our technical team, based in Hampshire UK has been helping with application advice.  Contact us via email or phone 01256 885940.  Click below for:

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