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BK603B Battery Analyser

6V & 12V Battery Capacity Analyser with record storage

The BK Precision 603B handheld battery capacity analyzer tests 6 and 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries with capacities up to 100 ampere hour (Ah).

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The BK603B handheld battery capacity analyser, from BK Precision, tests both 6 and 12 volt sealed lead acid batteries with capacities up to 100 ampere hour (Ah). Test results include voltage, state of charge, and internal resistance. As well as a built-in USB port this analyzer also features an internal memory to store battery information, test configuration, and measurement results for up to 50 batteries.

Features of the BK603B Battery Analyser

  • Test 6 and 12 volt batteries up to 100 Ah
  • Test both open and loaded battery voltage
  • Powered by the battery under test (no need to replace battery)
  • Fast test cycle time for quick sorting of batteries
  • Measurements are stored to internal memory
  • Pre-load up to 50 test configurations from the computer via USB
  • Export record data to a CSV file for further analysis
  • Twist-lock test leads can be changed in seconds


As a result of the amazing set of features, this analyzer is an ideal choice for testing sealed lead acid batteries commonly used in intrusion detection, fire alarm, security camera, access control, industrial control and other battery backup systems.

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