BK4003A BK4003A BK4003A


4 MHz Sweep Function Generator with 5 digit Red LED

Generates Sine, Triangle & Square waveforms from 0.5Hz to 4MHz.


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The BK4003A has been discontinued. There is no BK recommended replacement but if you require assistance finding a suitable replacement please contact us.

The 4001A and 4003A are 4 MHz sweep function generators. The sweep function offers linear or log sweep with variable sweep rates and widths. The model 4003A includes a 20 MHz 5-digit external frequency counter.

Features of the BK4003A

  • Generates Sine, Triangle, and Square waveforms from 0.5 Hz to 4 MHz
  • Generates Ramp and ±Pulse waveforms from 0.5 Hz to 3.5 MHz
  • 20 Vpp output into open circuit (10 Vpp into 50Ω)
  • Lin or Log Sweep Function
  • TTL output
  • Adjustable ±10 V DC offset
  • Variable amplitude output plus 20 dB attenuator
  • Kensington security slot
  • cUL approved
  • 20 MHz frequency counter
  • 5-digit LED display
  • CMOS variable output
  • Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) input

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