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The BK4052 Dual Channel is a versatile high performance function / arbitrary waveform generator with the largest arbitrary memory depth in its class.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator
5 MHz
125 MSa/s

This product has been discontinued.

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The BK Precision 4052 or BK4052 is one of a Series of Dual Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Generators that are capable of generating stable and precise sine, square, triangle, pulse, and arbitrary waveforms.

Sine wave: 1µHz – 5MHz

Square wave: 1µHz – 5MHz

With easy-to-read color displays and an intuitive user interface with numeric keypad, these instruments offer plenty of features including linear/logarithmic sweep, built-in counter, extensive modulation and triggering capabilities, a continuously variable DC offset, and a high performance 14-bit, 125 MSa/s arbitrary waveform generator. The main output voltage can be varied from 0 to 10 Vpp into 50 ohms (up to 20 Vpp into open circuit) and the secondary output can be varied from 0 to 3 Vpp into 50 ohms (up to 6 Vpp into open circuit).

Features of the BK4052

  • 14-bit, 125 MSa/s, 16k point arbitrary waveform generator
  • Large 3.5-inch LCD color display with waveform preview
  • Linear and logarithmic sweep
  • AM/DSB-AM/ASK/FM/FSK/PM/PWM modulation functions
  • Variable DC offset
  • Adjustable duty cycle
  • Two independent channels with individual output On/Off buttons
  • Internal/external triggering
  • Gate and burst mode
  • 48 built-in predefined arbitrary waveforms
  • Store/recall up to 10 instrument settings and 10 arbitrary waveforms
  • Built-in counter
  • USB device interface with front panel USB host port
  • GPIB connectivity with optional USB-to-GPIB adapter (model AK40G)
  • SCPI-compliant command set
  • Short circuit protection on outputs

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