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5492B Bench Multimeter
5492B Bench Multimeter BK5492B BK5492B BK5492B video


The B&K Precision model 5492B is a versatile 5½-digit, 120,000-count bench multimeter.

True RMS
RS232 & USB
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This product has been discontinued.

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The BK Precision model 5492B bench multimeter is a versatile 5-digit, 120,000-count unit suitable for applications in education, service repair, and manufacturing. The instrument enhances your productivity with built-in math functions and USB connectivity.

Rel, Max/Min, dBm, dB, %, and Hold functions provide educators with a convenient tool to teach basic math concepts.

Additionally, the 5492B offers powerful features not commonly found in other 5½ digit DMMs such as advanced triggering, buffer storage operation.

The BK5492B bench multimeter measures volts and amps with great accuracy and stability, with basic VDC accuracy of 0.01%. The meter is also capable of measuring frequency, period, resistance, continuity, and performing diode tests. Readings can be taken at a maximum rate of 57 readings/sec and stored to an internal 512-byte buffer for post acquisition statistical analysis.

The BK Precision 5492B was designed for cost-conscious users requiring an accurate meter with a broad range of features offered at a value price.

Features of the BK5492B

  • 5½ digit, 120,000-count display resolution
  • 0.01% basic VDC accuracy
  • Advanced triggering options such as external, bus and event trigger
  • Two and four-wire resistance measurement up to 120 MΩ
  • AC voltage and AC current measurement over wide frequency range (ACV 100 kHz/ACI 10 kHz)
  • AC (RMS) and DC current measurements up to 12 A
  • Limit mode for Pass/Fail testing
  • Save/recall up to 10 instrument settings
  • Built-in math functions: Rel, Max/Min, dBm, dB, %, Hold, Compare
  • CATI (1000 V)/CATII (300 V) protection
  • USB (Virtual Com) and RS232 interface
  • SCPI compatible
  • For GPIB interface order version BK5492BGPIB

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