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Spare part for Thermal Printer

Replacement printhead for IPP 144-40G panel mounted text printer (version 6.10.12 onwards).

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Replacement printhead for IPP 144-40G panel mounted text printer
Complete with roll of thermal paper. Suits IPP 144-40G printer.
This is a user-replaceable front door with printhead that clips into the front of a printer and connects via a plug-in ribbon cable.
Installation can typically be carried-out onsite by the customer’s competent electrical technician and often without demounting the printer body.
The part has a 6 month warranty subject to correct installation and normal use.
This item fixes the most common IPP 144-40G printer faults such as faded printing or inconsistent paper feed.  Other things to check are: is the paper loaded upside down?  Is the paper damp?  Is the paper not genuine?
Our item is fully genuine and from the same factory as the printers themselves, GMW Part Number: 5865302074
We can also arrange a factory Standard Repair of your IPP 144-40G printer which covers all faults except gross mechanical damage for a fixed charge.
Standard Repair has a 6 month warranty on the parts replaced and typically includes fitting of a new front door with print head.
Please email us for details and a Returns Number before sending your printer to us.  (Factory repairs service no-longer available – sorry.)
Version is 6.05.16, compatible with IPP-144-40G printers from version 6.10.12 onwards.

This is a replacement/spare part – not a complete printer.

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