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MBS Current Transformers
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MBS current transformers and shunts

Shunts and Current Transformers by MBS of Germany

Genuine MBS Current Transformers (CT’s) and Shunts available from the UK distributor.

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MBS Current Transformers and Shunts for use with analogue and digital panel meters.

New 2020 GMW current shunts catalogue – GMW shunts 2020-06 catalogue KAT_Shunts_EN

CT’s to suit bars or round conductors from MBS of Germany – click here for MBS Catalogue.

5A or 1A versions up to 10VA and up to 4000A.

Models including:

ASK 31.3, ASK 412.4, ASK 63.4, ASK 105.6, WSK 30, WSK 40, WSK 70.6N

Shunts from 1A to 15kA in 60mV or 150mV versions.

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