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Line-Orientated LED Displays

The new miline series boasts a new control concept and a line-oriented, slim design. The display can represent texts, characters and numbers in up to eight colours.

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Microsyst, Germany are pleased to announce the new miline generation. Equipped with RGB LEDs and can display up to 8 colours (red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, white, black) which make this display truly stunning option for any industrial process.
The line-oriented design also allows several miline displays to be arranged one after the other and used in a multi-line arrangement.


As with the migra series, the new miline concept is based on an integrated control board, which is adapted and supplied with data via the configuration software. The parameters can be set using a PC software.

Data Processing

The system is user-friendly and allows easy adaptation of telegrams to the data telegrams of the customer.
In addition, the processing of different data, signals and information is freely configurable without the need for additional control. Flexible adaptation of telegrams and configurable data processing


The miline electronics are based on an internal bus system that allows a modular and simple system setup. Any system components which extend the functional scope can be connected to the bus system, for example to provide a timer function with signal output.

Application Possibilities

Due to the seven-colour LEDs and the robust, slim design, the miline displays can be used flexibly.
On the display surface you can visualise e.g. production data / target-actual values, status information, short information messages, measured values etc.




 MC P4

Resolution / Display surface 64 x 16 pixel /
approx. 490 x 122 mm
128 x 16 Pixel /
approx. 980x 122 mm
128 x 32 px /
approx. 520 x 130 mm
Display type LED dot matrix display
Pixel size / pixel pitch 2,4 mm / 7,62 mm 2,4 mm / 7,62 mm 3,0 mm / 4,0 mm
Angle of radiation
(horizontal / vertical)
120° / 120° 120° / 120° 150° / 150°
Display colour up to 7 luminous colours
(red, green, blue, yellow, magenta, cyan, white)
3 luminous colours
red, red/green or mixed colour (yellowish)
Data input & presentation
Data input selectable: Profibus-DP, Profinet I/O RT, Ethernet TCP/IP, A-D Converter, digital input, pulse input, quarz clock, serial RS485 or RS232, timer

further data input  (z.B. CANopen, Ethernet IP, Modbus, …) on request

selectable: Profibus-DP, Profinet I/O RT, Ethernet TCP/IP
further data input
(e.g. CANopen, Ethernet IP, Modbus, …) on request
Configuration interface USB, further interfaces on request
Displayable characters ASCII character sets (20H…7FH)
Character height |
Reading distances
50 mm | 20 m
75 mm | 30 m
100 mm | 40 m
120 mm | 50 m
50 mm | 20 m
75 mm | 30 m
100 mm | 40 m
120 mm | 50 m
30 mm | 12 m
40 mm | 15 m
55 mm | 22 m
65 mm | 28 m
85 mm | 35 m
105 mm | 42 m
120 mm | 50 m
Housing & mounting
Housing industrial version, aluminum profile housing
Housing colour black, anodized
Mounting Wall mounting, optionally ceiling mounting
Power supply
Operating voltage 100 to 240 VAC / 50 to 60 Hz, 24 VDC ±20 %
Power consumption 15 W 30 W 61 W
Environmental conditions
Protection IP40 / IP54 optional
 Operating temperature 0…+50 °C
Storage temperature -25…+70 °C

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