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Sefram DAS 1800 high speed data recorder

Modular data aquisition recorder

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Product Overview

The DAS1800 high-speed data recorder from Sefram / B&K Precision sets a new standard for configurability. It provides 10 slots for input modules, making it the most configurable all-in-one data acquisition solution on the market. Choose from a variety of 4 or 8 channel modules for up to 80 analog inputs with built-in signal conditioning.



4-channel isolated universal input module for measuring voltages up to 600 Vdc or 424 Vrms, temperature with thermocouples, or current (with shunt) at up to 1 MSa/s/ch



High impedance version of the UNI4 module with 10 MΩ for ranges ≥ ±1 V and 25 MΩ for ranges ≤ ±0.5 mV



8-channel non-isolated differential input module for measuring voltages up to ± 48 V, temperature with thermocouples and RTDs, 4-20 mA current (with shunt), and resistance up to 10 kΩ



For recording data over extended periods of time, the DAS1800 comes standard with a 2 TB solid state hard drive. Record 40 channels at 1 MSa/s/ch, or simultaneously across 4 different user-defined sampling rates to maximize storage space.


The DAS1800 is equipped with a 15.6” Full HD multitouch display and an all-new intuitive user interface. Save time reviewing and analyzing recorded data with touch gestures such as pinch and zoom and one finger scrolling. B&K Precision also provides free DASpro software for viewing and analyzing recorded data on a PC.


For testing in the field, the DAS1800 is the most portable and lightweight data acquisition recorder in its class. When equipped with the built-in battery option, the DAS1800 provides up to 3.5 hours of battery operation. The base unit with an internal battery installed weighs just 15 lbs (6.8 kg), and the input modules weigh about 1.2 lbs each.


To learn more about the DAS1800, please refer to the additional features and benefits below or click the link to download the datasheet.


Additional Features and Benefits:


Measurement modules may be easily installed or removed by the user

4 sampling rates per recording minimizes file sizes while capturing high-speed transients

Up to 3 ½ hours of battery operation for testing in the field

Customizable displays make it easy to focus on the important data

Ultra-fast replay of large files (approximately 10 seconds for a 100 GB file)

Universal MDF4 file format for sharing data

Free firmware upgrades from the web or a USB drive

Rugged carrying case included

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