x- BK1249B

NTSC Colour Generator

This product has been discontinued.


The BK1249B has been DISCONTINUED. There is no recommended BK REPLACEMENT.

The 1249B is ideal for comprehensive testing, servicing and adjustment of video and television equipment, television receivers, video tape recorders, video monitors, closed circuit television systems and components, and master antenna systems and components.


  • NTSC color bar pattern, ±5 and ±5 IEEE units
  • CH 3, CH 4, and IF outputs crystal controlled
  • Calibrated 1Vpp or variable composite video output
  • RGB outputs on BNC or 9 pin D connector
  • Composite sync, vertical sync, and horizontal sync outputs
  • Interlaced or progressive scan 30 Hz signal is provided for isolation of servo problems in VCR’s

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