New Product Notice – BA6010 Series Battery Analyzers

Posted on 08 September 2017 by Emma Rea

As official UK partner of B&K Precision for over 15 years, Metrix Electronics Ltd is delighted to offer our customers a series of new battery analyzers ideal for evaluating modern battery technologies during the manufacturing process, incoming inspection and throughout the battery life cycle.

The series features two models, BA6010 and BA6011, which measure battery voltage and internal resistance with high accuracy, resolution, and speed. Model BA6011 supports voltage measurements of battery packs up to 300 V whereas the BA6010 features a 6 V measurement range ideal for battery cell testing. Both models are equipped with an intuitive front panel featuring navigation keys, numerical and function keypads, a USB host port, a 4-terminal input connection and a large 4.3 inch color LCD that displays primary and auxiliary measurement parameters.

Additionally, a number of built-in functions give users added flexibility. For example, a comparator function evaluates measurements against a user specified upper and lower limit for pass/fail (Go/No Go) style testing. A trace function samples and plots the battery primary and secondary measurement readings over a specified time. Also included with both models are RS232 and USB (USBTMC and virtual COM) interfaces for data logging and remote control, a handler interface and an external BNC trigger input to facilitate production automation.

The BA6010 Series is suitable for characterizing battery chemistries including lead acid, lithium and alkaline type batteries used in consumer products, electric vehicles, power backup, security, and alarm systems. Furthermore, these models are reliable, cost-effective solutions.

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