Case Study – Acid test for Metrix bargraphs

Dinalog bargraph indicator-controllers from Metrix Electronics’ GMW Dinalog range are providing pH indication on industrial effluent plants.  With analogue bargraph feature plus digital display plus alarm outputs, the indicator-controllers have improved speed of response and accuracy of monitoring of a key chemical process.

The Metrix technical team was approached by the customer to combine ease of viewing, accurate reading and control outputs in a single, compact device for industrial pH measurement.  To permit retro-fitting on existing plant, the device needed to accept input from installed pH transducers and be capable of installation in a damp but non-washdown position.  Larger Metrix bargraphs were considered but the compact Dinalog A1410 provided full functionality – simplifying siting.  User-programmable alarm setpoints allow easy configuration on different customer plants with MIN-MAX working to signal over and under target pH plus programmable hysterisis.



Dinalog A1410 bargraph


Chemical engineering contractor


Display & alarm for pH levels

  • 35 segment analogue bargraph
  • 8mm 3 digit display
  • IP65 protection
  • 2 alarm changeover relays
  • 4…20mA input
  • 115VAC power
  • 96mm x 24mm bezel size
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