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Simex from Metrix.  Metrix Electronics is an authorised distributor for Simex instrumentation from Gdansk, Poland.
Simex products are the result of thirty years of experience in the field of industrial automation and many thousands of hours of concerted effort by its committed engineering team. The design and manufacturing of Simex products incorporates latest developments in microprocessor and SMT technologies, resulting in high quality and reliability. Flexible, user-friendly programming makes them an ideal tool for industrial process control.

Metrix has a full range of Simex panel and wall-mount meters and instrumentation available to buy online today.

Please browse the list below and click through for full technical information and buying details. Or call us on 0845 034 3234 if there’s anything else you need to know.

Metrix Electronics has been supplying an extensive selection of electrical and electronics instruments for laboratory and industrial applications since 1999, and our technical team, based in Hampshire UK, is always ready to help with application advice.

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