CMC-N16 Multicon
CMC-N16 Multicon CMC-N16 Multicon CMC-N16 Multicon

CMC-N16 Multicon

Multichannel Controller Chart Recorder

The Multicon CMC-N16 wall-mounted controller / data recorder.

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The Multicon CMC-N16 wall-mounted meter provides standalone system indication and control as well as industrial data logging.

Its impressive new IP 65 enclosure allows using the device in harsh environments, where safe installation of a typical controller / data recorder in a panel mounted enclosure is impossible. The MultiCon CMC-N16 retains the functionality available in the panel-mounted CMC-99 but in a robust, self-contained housing – making it one of the first industrial devices to integrate advanced control functions (PID, ON/OFF, time & profiles etc.) and logging of setpoints, excitations and current state of controlled objects.

The MultiCon CMC-N16 is based on dependable Linux firmware and features an easy to use touchscreen.

Although the Multicon CMC-N16 is built into a relatively small housing, it can integrate up to 4 optional inputs, and its construction allows the user almost free configuration by choosing from 13 available input/output modules.

Features of the CMC-N16

  • up to 4 optional universal inputs with built-in totalizer
  • up to 4 optional digital inputs (+ 1 as standard)
  • up to 4 optional binary outputs
  • up to 4 optional analogue outputs

In addition, all the following communication ports can be selected from: Ethernet, RS-485, USB.

The wall-mounted, tight housing of IP 65 is made of durable plastic and makes it possible to install MultiCon CMC-N16 easily in any places where panel mounting including outdoor applications is not an obvious choice. Despite a limited amount of available inputs / outputs in comparison to panel mounted MultiCon versions, the hugely flexible existing meter, controller, recorder and HMI functionalities have still been maintained all in one.

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