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Large Display Bargraph

Custom modular LED with multichannel option

MicroSYST range of bargraphs in large sizes, with bespoke design possibilities.


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Large Bargraph displays from microSYST are available in large sizes – the photos show examples up to 200cm in length although the modular design allows a bargraph of well over 300cm.

Our most popular bar graph in this range is a 1.2m LED display unit from the Migra/Migan Microsyst range and is in use at a steel mill providing distance readable indication of the level of molten steel. Read our case study for more information.

Process monitoring and status checks play an important role in the industrial work environment. In order to make the process more transparent, microSYST offers displays that display measured values using a scale or bar graph.

These bargraph displays are ideal for the visualisation of,

  • utilizations
  • speed
  • filling levels
  • (process) progress
  • and much more

Features of the microSYST bargraphs

  • Clear display of measured values on a scale
  • Bargraph stages can be displayed in user-defined colours to indicate alarm conditions
  • Multiple input data channels for multiple data display
  • High-contrast and bright display
  • Available for indoor or outdoor use
  • Optional additional functions e.g. acoustic signal tones
  • Continuous operation 24/7
  • Multi-sided view possible

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