OC2001-57 OC2001-57


250-1000mm bargraph display

OC 2001-57 is a large to giant sized bargraph with additional digital display – bar length is 250mm or 500mm or 1000mm

368 or 643 or 1146mm
3 Digits
6 digits




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OC2001-57 is a large to giant sized (250mm-1000mm) bar graph with additional 3 or 6 digit LED display.
Each bargraph has 50, 100 or 200 red segments, depending on the bar length (250mm, 500mm or 1000mm)

The bars can be individually controlled or parallel connected. In the individual mode the right bar shows the input signal, the left bar is used for setting of optional four set points with relay outputs.
Input options (specify when ordering):

* Voltage: 200mV to 750V DC or AC true R.M.S.
* Currents: 20mA to 5A DC or AC true R.M.S.
* Power up to 2300W direct measurement. Larger power values with current transformer.
* Frequencies and pulses, time integration of analog signals.
* Thermocouples J,K,R,S,T,B and C and RTD Pt-100, 200, 1000 and Ni.
* RS 232 or RS485.

Scale marking: 0-100% (custom scales available as options – email for details)

Displays: Bars A, B: Length 250mm, 50 red segments, 20mm segment width.
Option: Length 500mm, 100 red segments, 40mm segment width.
Option: Length 1000mm, 200 red segments, 40mm segment width.
Bargraph A: Input signal
Bargraph B: Two set points. Option: second input signal.

Digital display: Three digit 38mm or Six digit 20mm

Set Points: Option: up to 4
Supply: 115/230V or option 24VDC
Black aluminium case with IP65 front protection.

250mm Bar length: Panel Cut-out: 368 x 112 mm, depth behind panel 85mm
500mm Bar length: Panel Cut-out: 643 x 173 mm, depth behind panel 85mm
1000mm Bar length: Panel Cut-out: 1146 x 176 mm, depth behind panel 85mm

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