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Brand: Orbit Controls

Metrix Electronics is the authorised UK distributor for Orbit Controls displays and instrumentation from Switzerland.

Orbit Controls was established in May 1977 as a manufacturer of process controllers for industrial applications.  The Orbit range of instruments ranges from simple application panel meters and indicators to laboratory calibrators for single or three phase applications. The instruments are designed for nearly any industrial control task like measurements of temperature, fast precise positioning on tool machines, measurement of speed and RPM, batching applications, flow measurement, weight, pressure and strain gauges measurements, linearizing of non-linear characteristics, data logging, calibrating of measuring instruments and many other.

Metrix has a full range of Orbit Controls bargraph displays and LED panel meters available to buy online today.

Please browse the list below and click through for full technical information and buying details. Or call us on 01256 885940 if there’s anything else you need to know.

Metrix Electronics has been supplying an extensive selection of electrical and electronics instruments for laboratory and industrial applications since 1999, and our technical team, based in Hampshire UK, is always ready to help with application advice.

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