OC508 mV Calibrator T/C Simulator

Model OC508 is a programmable mV Calibrator and Simulator of DIN Thermocouples

LCD 2x20
230VAC or 24VDC (Option)




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Model OC508 is a programmable mV Calibrator and Simulator of DIN Thermocouples. The type of the Thermocouple, the Temperature or the mV Signal can be set from the keys at the front, via USB or optionally from BCD parallel or Binary Data Port. The generated mV output signal ranges between 0mV and 65.535mV. The output can be set directly in mV or in Temperature °C through the selected internal linearizing DIN T/C table.

The basic unit is a precision, temperature compensated programmable voltage source with a resolution of 1µV stability of 10ppm. It is free programmable from 0 to 65535µV.

The measurement of external mV Signals has the basic range of ±100mV. It is jumper selectable for other signals. The measuring chain can be calibrated from the keyboard in the Calibration Submenu.

Soft Manager OC508W for Windows is available for controlling OC508 from a PC via the USB Port. The Data can also be entered from BCD parallel or Binary Ports, permitting operation from programmable controllers. Generated signals are available at a BCD parallel port for further use.

For Junction compensation an external 4W Pt-100 can be used. The measured ambient temperature is displayed at the LCD front panel display and available at the BCD parallel port.


  • Simulation of DIN-Thermocouples J, K, N, R, S, T, B, E
  • Measurement of mV-Signals
  • mV Calibrated Output 0 … 65.535mV
  • Junction Compensation
  • USB Terminal
  • BCD parallel or Binary Input
  • BCD parallel Output

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