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Programmable 96x48mm 6-Digit Controller with 100000 increments

The OC7040A is a six digit programmable controller with 100000 true increments.

Pulse counter
Serial data meter
Temperature meter
Timer meter
96 x 48mm
Indicator / Controller

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The OC7040A Process Controller from Orbit controls is a 6-digit programmable controller with 100000 true increments; scaled within the full display range 0-999999. The process of signals such as 0/4-20mA, 20mV to 300V DC or true RMS, strain gauges, Pt-100, Pt-200, Thermistor, Resistors and DIN-Thermocouples is the application area where this unit works at its best.

Features of the OC7040A

  • 6 digit Display ±999999
  • ±100,000 true increments
  • 0/4-20mA, 200mV to 300VDC
  • 20mV for Strain Gauges
  • Potentiometric Input
  • Pt-100, Pt-200, Thermistor
  • Thermocouples J, K, E, S, B, T, C
  • True R.M.S. measurements
  • Four Set point Relays
  • Two Analogue Outputs
  • Two Serial Data Ports

Front Panel Entry

The OC7040A is truly a process controller that is easy to setup and configure.

By using the front panel keys, the input signal can be assigned to any two desired display values, such as 4-20mA = 0-18500.

The unit’s menu contains four Set Points, two Analog Outputs, two serial Data Ports, the Filter, the Tare, the Sampling Rate, the Display Resolution, the Display Counting, and the Password.

Four Set Points can be set within the entire display range. They activate four open collector transistors or four mechanical relays. Each set point has programmable hysteresis and delay.

Serial Communication

Serial Data Ports are available for communication with controllers, PCs, remote displays and other data acquisition systems. RS232 and RS485 ports with free programmable parameters.

Unstable Signals? Use a Filter

If your environment is noisy or your signals unstable then connect a digital filter. This will calculate the average value of the preselected number of measurements prior to their arrival at the display. It is simple to set the filter constant from OFF to 99.


Force the display to zero (tare) via the front panel; this will remain memorized when the instrument is switched off from the supply. Cancel the tare at any time and the display returns to follow the original inout signal.


Analogue Outputs 0/4-20mA and 0-10V can be used as direct or inverted and assigned to any two display values.

Viewing Maximum and Minimum Values

The Peak and Valley memory measures and also stores the maximum and the minimum value the achieved over the entire measuring period.

Therefore with the front panel keys the display can be selected to show the momentary measured signal, the minimum or the maximum value.

As an example. if the maximum value is selected, the display will continuously show the maximum and will be overwritten with any higher value.

Safety and Security

Using the front panel keys the user can set a password to protect the instrument from unauthorized operation.

External Trigger

Excitation for external sensors is isolated and adjustable from 5 to 24VDC – 40mA. Optional 1mA constant current output is available for special applications.

Casing and IP Rating

A 48x96mm DIN cabinet encloses the unit with the front panel offering an IP Rating of IP65.

Power Supply

To power the unit, use the mains or DC supply.

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