Programmable Vertical Bargraph-Linearizers

OCB 411 Vertical Bargraph is uP controlled display with one LED bargraph and one digital display.

96 x 48 mm
3 Digits
RS232/RS485/RS422 (option)



Digital Display

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OCB 411 Bargraph is uP controlled display with one LED bargraph and one digital display. The bargraph has 25 segments. Nearly any process signal, temperature sensors, resistors, frequencies, potentiometers, pressure and weighing gauges, DC and AC voltages, currents and power can be directly connected. Optional analog output, serial data port and excitation for external sensors are available.

Four Set Point Relays increase the flexibility in the process controlled applications. The Tare can be activated via the front keys and forces the display to zero.

For individual linearizing up to 100 points are available. They can be set with the keyboard or via the serial data port.

As a Datalogger up to 65 000 measuring points can be stored within a selected time interval and recalled from a PC via serial data ports.


  • DC and AC Signal Inputs
  • Process Signal Input
  • Pt-100, Pt-500, Pt-1000
  • Thermocouples J, K, T, S, E, B, R, N
  • Ni 1000, Ni 5000, Ni 6180 ppm/K
  • Potentiometric Input
  • Frequency Input
  • True RMS Measurements
  • Linearizing in up to 100 points
  • Tare
  • Four Set Point Relay
  • Peak and Hold
  • Vertical (for Horizontal click here for OCB401)

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