Bargraph for Serial Ports

OCB501-D is a digital controller with one bargraph and a three digit display for serial ports.

144 x 48mm
3 Digits




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OCB501D is a digital controller with one bargraph and a three digit display. The controller is programmable via the buttons on the front panel and permits connection to serial data ports RS232 or RS485. The intensity of both displays can be controlled from the data port.

The digital display is free scalable and permits a resolution of 999 counts with selectable decimal point. In the measuring mode the display follows the input data. In the programming mode it shows the parameters. Floating point arithmetic is used.

The Menu is accessible using the buttons behind the front lens and allows the setting of the Baud Rate, the Address, the Intensity and the scaling of the bargraph related to the digital display.

Three colour sections red, green or orange can be set across the entire bargraph length. The breaking points are free programmable. Two optional Relays can be activated at the breaking points. Additional two optional Relays can be free set between 0 and 100% of the bargraph.

Features of the OCB501D

  • Inputs RS232 or RS485
  • Display dimming settable from Data Port
  • Three Colours, red, orange, green
  • 50 Bargraph Segments, 3 digit Display
  • Two or four Set Point Relays 250V-5A AC
  • Supply 115/230VAC or 24VDC

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