OCB778 Panel Mount Bargraph
OCB778 Panel Mount Bargraph OCB778_3Bar


Bargraph for Analogue and Digital Signals

OCB778 is a Bargraph with 48 segments and five digits high resolution display.

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288 x 96mm

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The OCB778 is a bargraph from Orbit Controls with 48 segments and five digits high resolution display designed for both Analogue Process Signals and Digital Serial Ports inputs.

For Analogue process signals, Pt-100 and Thermocouples can be directly measured with 16 bit resolution whilst Serial Ports RS232 or RS485 have selectable Baud Rate up to 115200 bd.

The type of input signal, setting of parameters, display resolution and scaling are Menu selectable and can be free programmed using the keys behind the front lens.

For Control Applications the OC778 offers Two Set Points with Transistor or Relay outputs.

Whilst in the measuring mode the display shows the input signal, and in programming mode the display shows the parameters.

Features of the OCB778

  • Input for DC process Signal 0/4-20 mA, 0-1V to 0-200V
  • AC true RMS signals up to 280V
  • Pt-100 and Thermocouples J, K, T, E, N
  • Input for Serial Ports RS232, RS485 
  • 48 Bargraph Segments and 5 digits Display
  • Free assignment of both displays to the input signal
  • 244mm bar length
  • Two or three parallel Bars
  • Two Set Point Relays
  • Supply 24VDC or mains 115/230VAC
  • DIN case

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