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Sefram DAS 220
Sefram DAS 220 video

Sefram DAS 220

10 Channel handheld Universal Datalogger

With 10 channels and 12 logical inputs the Sefram DAS220 is designed to measure all parameters you can find in a industrial process.

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The Sefram DAS 220 (Data Acquisition Solution) is the right answer for your recording needs.

With 10 channels and 12 logical inputs the DAS220 has been designed to measure all parameters in your industrial process.

For example,

  • voltage measurements
  • measurements on sensors (0-10V)
  • temperature measurements (thermocouples, Pt100-1000)
  • current measurements (with optional shunt)
  • resistance measurements
  • pulse counter
  • frequency

Measurements can be viewed directly graphically or by numerical values.

In addition the results can also be stored in the device or on a USB memory stick.

The data transfer, data processing and remote setup can be done with the license-free DasLab software (install here).

Features of the Sefram DAS 220

  • 10 analogue channels
  • Input : voltage, thermocouple, Pt100-1000, current (with optional adapter), resistance
  • Voltage: from 1mV to 200V (±100V)
  • Temperature: thermocouples (all types), Pt100-1000 (2 or 3 wires)
  • 16 Bit vertical resolution
  • Max sampling rate: 1ms (1kHz)
  • 12 logical channels
  • 4 alarms (output)
  • 4 logical function input with counter & frequency meter capability
  • 10″ TFT panoramic touch screen
  • Internal hard drive : 32 GB
  • Interfaces: 2xUSB, Ethernet, Wifi (option)
  • Lithium-ion battery (factory option) : 15h autonomy
  • DasLab software (licence free)
  • Labview driver available
  • MODBUS TCP (slave):  Click here to get more details about this function
  • Safety: IEC61010 CAT I 100V

User Friendly Interface

The DAS220 is equipped with a panoramic 10″ touch screen. Consequently the user interface becomes absolutely interactive.

The icons and symbols used makes the browsing very easy and will save you valuable time.

Multiple Applications

Above all the DAS220 is ideal as a general purpose datalogger for process applications.

Examples include,

  • multi channel temperature monitoring and recording
  • 0-10V sensors monitoring and recording
  • voltage measurements
  • pulse counting
  • 4-20mA measurement and monitoring (with optional shunt).

Sefram DASLab Software

The new DasLab software for PC (under Windows) is suitable for:

  • Managing device setup (online & offline)
  • Remote setup of the DAS220
  • Managing & downloading files (records, setup) from the recorder

DasLab is a licence free software and can be downloaded from Sefram website.

The Ethernet interface or the WiFi interface (option) allow you to connect your DAS220 and your computer.

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