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Sefram DAS 240 Multi-Channel Recorder
Sefram DAS 240 Multi-Channel Recorder das240_right_lrg das240_left_lrg das240_alt_lrg video

Sefram DAS 240

20 to 200 channel handheld recorder

The Sefram DAS240 is a handheld, paperless, multi-channel recorder designed to measure all kinds of process parameters.

LAN & USB (WiFi option)

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The Sefram DAS 240 recorder has been designed to measure all kinds of process parameters: voltage measurements, measurements on sensors (0-10V), temperature measurements (thermocouples, Pt100-1000), current measurements (with optional shunt), resistance measurements, pulse counter, frequency.

Using the DAS240 you can simply view the results of measurements (graphs, numerical values) directly and store your results in the internal hard drive or on a USB memory stick.

In addition, the data transfer, data processing and remote setup can be done with the licence free DasLab software or alternatively the available LabView driver.

Features of the DAS 240

  • 20 to 200 analogue channels (see note below)
  • Input : voltage, thermocouple, Pt100-1000, current (with optional external shunt), resistance
  • Voltage: from 1mV to 200V (±100V)
  • Temperature: thermocouples (all types), Pt100-1000 (2 or 3 wires)
  • 16 Bit vertical resolution
  • Max sampling rate: 1ms (1kHz)
  • 12 logical channels
  • 4 alarms (output)
  • 4 logical function input with counter & frequencymeter capability
  • 10″ TFT panoramic touch screen
  • Internal hard drive : 32 GB
  • Interfaces: 2xUSB, Ethernet, Wifi (option)
  • Lithium-ion battery (factory option) : 15h autonomy
  • DasLab software (licence free)
  • LabView driver available for download
  • MODBUS TCP (slave)
  • Safety: IEC61010 CAT I 100V

Please note:

The Sefram DAS 240 comes with 20 measurement channels as standard (a single 20 channel expansion module). If more channels are required (it is possible to add up to 180 further channels) users will simply need to add more expansion modules (P/N: 902401000). Hence increasing your measurement channels by 20 with every module added.

Furthermore, the 20 channel modules are all versatile: users can measure voltage, temperature with thermocouples, Pt100-1000 and are supplied with fast connectors and a mechanical system to fix them together.

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