SLN-94 SLN-94


Simex Pulse Counter with Double LED Display

SIMEX model SLN-94 is a counter designed for up-down counting of pulses in 3 decades and has a single program register used for programming the batcher function.

96 x 48 x 100 mm
and 3
Pulse counter


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The SLN-94 counter is designed for up-down counting of pulses, has a single program register used for programming the batcher function and is exceptionally easy to change the settings. The changing is performed by 3 buttons located under each decade of the Set Value display (SV threshold value, green). The current value can be read on the Present Value display (PV, red). Consequently, the counter operator is able to change the settings quickly and easily.

Digits are 13mm high.

The counting can be performed up-down or down-up, and the control is by means of the relay output.

SLN-94 is equipped with many modern features required in simple and advanced automatic control systems. The counter is made for hard environment conditions, and with use of modern materials and electronic components. Located on front panel push-buttons allow manual setting of the device according to user requirements.

Built in RS-485 communication interface enables controlling of all settings by host, and allows use of unit in advanced network systems.

The counter is equipped with single counting, hold, stop, clear/start inputs.

SLN-94 has two built in relays (N.O.) with selectable thresholds and modes of operation. It can be used for controlling of external devices.

The counter is prepared for cooperation with NPN as well as PNP type sensors. Due to internal digital denouncing filter simple contactors can be used as sensors.

Additionally built in sensor supply output (24V DC) can be used to supply contactors and some types of electronic sensors.

All inputs are fully separated from external power supply, relays outputs, and communication interface, and has single common terminal.

Features of the SLN-94

  • up-down and down-up pulse counter
  • settable activation threshold
  • double LED display
  • batching function with 2 relay (or OC) outputs (rough and accurate batching)
  • 4 counter reset sources
  • choice of a new counting cycle start
  • automatic reset option
  • programmable divider
  • programmable decimal point position
  • available with AC and DC power supply versions

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