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ZA Steel Series Clocks

RGB Technology Clock Steel Series

The ZA Steel Series of outdoor clocks from RGB Technology offers an LED display with automatic brightness control with HH:MM display format.



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The ZA Steel Series of outdoor clocks from RGB Technology offers an LED clock display with extra robust steel casing for demanding, outdoor and indoor installations.

Ideal for outdoor use, the ZA Steel Series outdoor clocks have a IP65 rating and automatic brightness control for daylight readability and night-time energy-saving.

The largest digit height available in this series is 200mm. This gives outdoor readability from a distance of 80m (depending on the environment).

With an attractive, modern look the steel casing of this clock can blend with any décor.

The ZA Steel Series of clocks is in use in production plants, swimming pools, airports and hospitals – any area where accurate time is critical and where the environment may be unfriendly – due to dust or moisture  – or where additional protection from physical damage is vital.

The operating temperature range is -25°C…+45°C

ZA Steel Housing Outdoor Clocks Technical Details for Online Ordering

  • Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC
  • Select from Digit Height options 100mm, 200mm
  • Display format HH:MM
  • IP65 (outdoor) rating
  • IR remote control included
  • Ethernet LAN communication module included
  • Intuitive user menu
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Displaying time in the 12/24-hour format
  • Time countdown – stopwatch function
  • Select from automatic GPS time-setting or NTP network setting
  • Select from LED colours – Red or Amber or Green or Blue or Yellow

Additional Options Available (please request a quote if these options below are required)

  • PoE+ power supply (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Displaying temperature (℃, °F) – requires air or water temperature probe
  • Buzzer (acoustic signalling device)
  • Loud buzzer (acoustic signalling device of increased volume)
  • White LED version available to special order – please email/request a quote

Application for Outdoor Clocks

  • inside buildings: factories, receptions, swimming pools, workplaces, halls, corridors, waiting rooms, schools
  • outside: over building entrances (as an element of the façade raising the prestige), open sports facilities
  • stations, platforms, airports, passenger information, logistics centres
  • inside public transport vehicles
  • in pylons, welcome signs, and in advertising and information totems

Time synchronisation Options

The displayed time of the clocks can be set manually by the user or using the function of automatic time synchronisation – available in two options: GPS satellite and NTP (Network Time Protocol).

GPS satellite time synchronisation has following advantages,

  • provides precise time synchronisation from the GPS satellites based on atomic standards,
  • does not require any configuration,
  • does not require the Internet connection,
  • operates in every location on the Earth,
  • an LED signalling proper signal reception is embedded in the receiver.

To take advantage of the satellite time synchronisation, you should equip the clock with the optional GPS Receiver.

NTP (Network Time Protocol) – is a communication protocol supporting precise, stable and safe synchronisation of clocks with any time server through the computer network. A great advantage of this solution is the possibility of simultaneous synchronisation of many devices. The synchronisation may be executed:

  • from your own local time server – Internet access is not required
  • from a public remote time server – Internet access is required

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