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ZA/ZB Series Large Outdoor LED Clocks

Best-seller for Schools and Industry - usually in stock

The ZA/ZB Series of outdoor-ready, industrial LED clocks with temperature display, LAN capability, included IR remote and automatic brightness control – with a choice of HH:MM or HH:MM:SS format.

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The ZA/ZB Series are a wall mounted, large outdoor digital clock from RGB Technology offers an LED display with automatic brightness control and a choice of HH:MM or HH:MM:SS display – all versions are suitable for indoor or outdoor use in factories, yards, laboratories, schools and reception areas.

“The clocks have helped to improve our punctuality and attendance!”

Carole Catley Headteacher – Deansbrook Infant School

ZA/ZB Clocks Technical Details for Online Ordering

  • Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC
  • Select HH:MM display (4 digits) or HH:MM:SS display (6 digits)
  • IP66 rating perfect for outdoor use with an anti-reflective polycarbonate surface
  • Select from Digit Height options: 50mm, 100mm, 200mm
  • IR remote control function with handheld IR remote included
  • Temperature display function (℃, °F) with integral air temperature probe included
  • LAN communication module with RJ45 lead included (LAN connection is NOT essential)
  • Select additional GPS time setting option if required (recommended) – Automatic time setting via network (NTP) included if LAN connected
  • Intuitive user menu
  • Automatic brightness control
  • Displaying time in 12/24-hour format
  • Time countdown – stopwatch function
  • 30 user-programmable alarm times and durations with 5A 230VAC relay
  • With internal supercapacitor to retain settings and time during powercuts
  • Select from LED colours available: red, yellow, amber, blue, green and white

Additional Options Available (please request a quote if you require these options)

  • PoE+ power supply (Power Over Ethernet) note: standard 802.3at Mod A required for 200mm clocks eg: LINKSYS LACPI30
  • Perpendicular display option – requires additional mount (see image in gallery above)
  • Suspension mount option – requires additional frame for hanging, single or double-sided (see image in gallery above)
  • Outdoor loudspeaker/sounders with preset clock triggering – with user selectable and user customisable mp3 playback (VOX400)
  • Double-sided (2 clocks mounted back to back) requires Perpendicular or Suspension mount
  • Steel wire protection cage – see photo in gallery

Dimensions (WxHxD in mm)

900 x 288 x 45 – ZB20 clock HH:MM:SS with 200mm digits
616 x 288 x 45 – ZA20 clock HH:MM with 200mm digits
512 x 186 x 45 – ZB10 clock HH:MM:SS with 100mm digits
349 x 186 x 45 – ZA10 clock HH:MM with 100mm digits
408 x 141 x 42 – ZB5 clock HH:MM:SS with 50mm digits
298 x 141 x 42 – ZA5 clock HH:MM with 50mm digits

Applications for an RGB Outdoor Digital Clock

  • inside buildings: production halls, receptions, swimming pools, workplaces, halls, corridors, waiting rooms
  • schools and colleges: using the 30 user-programmable alarm times and durations to control study bells/buzzers/sounders using relay output.
  • outside: to enhance building entrances such as open sports facilities
  • stations, platforms, airports, passenger information, logistics centres
  • inside public transport vehicles
  • supported by pylons, within welcome signs, and in advertising and information posts

Time synchronisation Options

The displayed time of the clocks can be set manually by the user or using the function of automatic time synchronisation – available in two options: GPS satellite and NTP (Network Time Protocol).

GPS satellite time synchronisation has following advantages,

  • provides precise time synchronisation from the GPS satellites based on atomic standards,
  • does not require any configuration (plug and play),
  • does not require an Internet connection,
  • operates worldwide (subject to reasonable view of the sky),
  • integral LED signalling proper signal reception on the outside of the receiver.

To take advantage of the satellite time synchronisation, you should equip the clock with the optional GPS Receiver. It is necessary to place the receiver in the location providing “visibility” of the sky.  GPS is achieved via a remote GPS module (connected via included 10m cable for indoor installations where the remote GPS module can be installed outdoors.)

NTP (Network Time Protocol) – is a communication protocol supporting precise, stable and safe synchronisation of clocks with any time server through the computer network. A great advantage of this solution is the possibility of simultaneous synchronisation of many devices.

The synchronisation may be executed:

  • from your own local time server – Internet access is not required
  • from a public remote time server – Internet access is required

NTP functionality requires connection of the (supplied) Ethernet cable.

Clockset network clock management software is available free of charge – see links above for video and download.

The time can be set manually using the IR remote control in which case the Ethernet cable does not need to be connected and can be coiled-up or cut-off.


The ZA/ZB clocks are supplied with a steel mounting bracket for wall or cabinet mounting.

For the 50mm 4 digit clock, the mounting bracket is pre-drilled at 215mm centres with two 6x10mm oval holes for fixing with pan-head screws or bolts (not supplied).  Loosen captive cross-head screws at each end of the clock then slot into the bracket before tightening to secure.

For the 100mm 4 digit clock, the mounting bracket is pre-drilled at 270mm centres with two 6x10mm oval holes for fixing with pan-head screws or bolts (not supplied).  Loosen captive cross-head screws at each end of the clock then slot into the bracket before tightening to secure.

For the 200mm 4 digit clock there is a vertically mounted bracket at each end.  There are four 6x10mm oval holes at centres of 180mm (vertically) and 535mm (horizontally)  for fixing with pan-head screws or bolts (not supplied).

4 blanking plugs need to be popped-out to give access to remove the 4 bracket screws so the 2 brackets can be removed for installing.

(Dimensions stated above are for guidance and subject to revision without notice.)

Getting started

Your new ZA/ZB clock is supplied with a fitted UK mains plug and the clock can be up and working in seconds.

If the GPS module is pointed to a patch of sky then in less than a minute the correct time will be displayed.

Otherwise a few presses with the supplied remote control will have the correct time, date, timezone and daylight-saving programmed-in.


If you require a clock to be viewed from over 150m we would recommend the newly available extra large outdoor digital clocks. Offering the same high standard of build from RGB Technology and boasting digits of 400mm these clocks are ideal when viewing from distances over 150m.

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