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6-digit PoE clock

ZBS10-L 6-Digit PoE Clock

6-digit POE clock

The ZBS10-L clock from RGB Technology offers a 6-digit, seven segment LED display with automatic brightness control with HH:MM:SS display format and Power over Ethernet compatibility as standard.

NTP (Network Time Protocol)

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Introducing the Power over Ethernet 6-digit steel clock from RGB Technology, Poland. Product model number ZBS10-L PoE.

The latest in a stunning range of clocks is perfect for indoor situations due to its IP rating, IP4X. Besides being practical it also has the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing – with a tough powder-coated steel case.

The ZBS-10 differs from the ZAS-10 as it displays 6-digits to include hours, minutes and seconds for more accurate timing.

Features of the 6-digit PoE Clock

  • Model: ZBS10-L PoE
  • Display format: HH:MM:SS
  • Digit height: 4” / 100 mm
  • Dimensions: 170 x 486 x 44 mm
  • Power supplied over standard Cat5e cabling: IEEE 802.3af (POE+ compatible) Power over Ethernet standard
  • Device operations temperature (ambient): -25°C ÷ 45°C
  • Casing tightness rating IP: 4X

Designed and manufactured by RGB Technology and features a seven segment display of the highest quality. The 100mm digit height made up with highly visible LEDS makes this a quality, versatile product suitable for any room, industrial, commercial, educational or domestic.

With a built in brightness sensor the clock can also display alternating time and date.

Besides being an attractive, useful clock, technically it shouts quality and innovation.  Due to its built-in capacitor a power failure need never be a headache as it will keep all settings. Likewise the built-in RTC will keep the clock synchronized even without NTP synchronization.

The Power Supplied over Ethernet compatibility (IEEE 802.3af (POE+ compatible)) feature is what makes this clock stand out from the crowd. As a result simplifying installation and control capabilities.

Finally, an easy to use IR remote control is offered as standard with all our clocks from RGB Technology. This allows this clock to be used as a stopwatch and hence perfect for gyms and school halls. In addition the IR remote control makes all settings and adjustments a simple task.

The clock can also be administered via LAN with the innovative Clockset application – downloadable free of charge – making keeping clocks correctly set easy.

See the pdf manual below for setting options with time zones.

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