IPP 144-40G 24VDC
IPP 144-40G 24VDC IPP144-40G24VDC IPP144-40G_rearview_printer

IPP 144-40G 24VDC

Thermal Printer

144x72mm panel mounted text and graphics printer – usually in stock on our shelf in Hampshire.


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Thermal printer
IPP 144-40G 24VDC Factory Part No: 5740000004 (see image)
Formerly stocked by RS Components as RS Stock No. 478-0570 (4780570) – RS labelled version was 5740000005 (see image)
  • Print text, measured data, statistics and graphics
  • Instrument, machine or process status and fault reports
  • QC test and calibration tickets
  • Security and building service applications
  • Data acquisition and recording
  • Other Version for 85 – 265 VAC power supply
  • Paper re-roll option to archive printouts (IPP-AW)
  • Connect to Siemens PLC with Windows ®CE (IPP 144-40 GS)
  • Ideal for use with controllers, PCs, PLCs, DPMs, counters, message displays, etc.
  • For Maritime version click here

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