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LS300 Bar graph
LS300 Bar graph LS300 Bar graph LS300 Bar graph

LS300 Bar graph

Bar graph indicator/controller 144mm x 36mm – versions LS310, LS312, LS320


This product has been discontinued. You may be interested in:

Dinalog A1400 Bar graph

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LS300 Series of bargraphs from GMW.

The series comprises of LS310, LS312 and LS320 and is a dual bar, LED bar graph indicator/controller measuring 144mm x 36mm boasting 101 segments.

Features and Options of the Bargraph series

  • Single input controller without relay output (LS310) or 2 relay outputs (LS312)
  • Or dual input indicator without relays (LS320)
  • Vertical or Horizontal installation
  • 0-100% or fully customisable scale
  • Inputs: DC Voltage, DC Current, AC Voltage, AC Current, Temperature, Resistance, Frequency
  • Order ref: LS300 versions LS310 LS312 LS320

(This model replaces the  discontinued MW A1200 Dinalog ff 144×36 bargraph )

Metrix supplies a full range of bargraphs with a variety of segments options.

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