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Dinalog A1400 Bar graph
Dinalog A1400 Bar graph Dinalog A1400 Bar graph Dinalog A1400 Bar graph A1400_bargraph_green bargraph panel mount with relays

Dinalog A1400 Bar graph

144x36mm meter with relays

Bar graph indicator/controller 144mm x 36mm

3 Digits




Digital Display

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The Dinalog A1400 from GMW is a bar graph packed with features which makes it ideal for any process system.

With an optional 3-digit LED display (vertical orientation only) you can have both a bar graph readout and numeric display to monitor your system effectively.

Features of the Dinalog A1400 Bar graph

  • 71 Segment dual LED bar graph indicator
  • Single input controller with 2 or 4 relay outputs or dual input indicator without relays
  • Vertical installation with optional 3 digit LED display (8mm digits)
  • Horizontal installation without 3 digit display
  • 0-100% or fully customisable scale
  • Inputs: DC Voltage, DC Current, AC Voltage, AC Current, Temperature, Resistance
  • Optional green LED (red as standard)

Also available is the A1400MF multifunctional version with in-built choice of inputs, included relays, wide-range power supply and fixed 0-100% scale.

We offer a full range of bargraphs from GMW, all packed with features.


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