OCB 500FPH Bargraph


Multicolour bargraph with Peak And Hold

Bargraph OCB500-FPH with 50 Segments and 3 Digits Display.

144 x 48mm
3 Digits



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Bargraph OCB500FPH with 50 Segments and 3 Digits Display is a programmable instrument designed for panel mount for connecting to analogue process signals. The Sampling Rate of 50 ms permits measurements of fast signal events. The instrument is programmable with keys behind the front lens and permits connection to process signals, Pt-100 and DIN Thermocouples with or without cold junction compensation.

The digital display permits 3 digits resolution. In the measuring mode it displays the signal, in the programming mode the parameters. Up to four Set Point Relays can be controlled.

The colour of the bargraph can be selected for red, green and/or orange. The Set Points are shown at the front when activated.

Peak & Hold Memory is optionally available. It memorizes fast events up to 100 kHz. The both displays are continuously overwritten with the maximum measured value. The memory can be reset at any time.

Linearizing is a Software option. Non linear signals can be linearized in 8 points. The required display value will be assigned to the input signal with the keys behind the lens.

Features of the OCB500FPH

  • Fast Memory up to 10ìs Peaks
  • 50msec Sampling Rate
  • Process Signals, RTD and Thermocouples
  • Three Colour Bar: red, orange, green
  • 3 Digit Display
  • Programmable with Keys
  • Four Set Point Relays 250V-5A AC
  • Supply 115/230VAC or 24VDC
  • Pluggable screw terminals

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