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UPWT Series, Universal Industrial Text Display

The UPWT-4-2, LED Universal Industrial Text Display with 2 rows and optional split colours.

LED Dot Matrix
2 x 5 - 7

Character Height

Display Colour

, , , ,

Display type


Number of Digits

Operating Voltage

, ,

IP Rating



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The UPWT-4-2, LED Universal Industrial Text Display with 2 rows and optional split colours. A tough, flexible display for factory and outdoor use (Ingress Protection rating, IP54) to display warnings or process data.

UPWT-4-2 Specific Technical Details for Online Ordering

  • Height: 32cm
  • Width: 75cm
  • Thickness: 3cm
  • Number of Letters: 2 of 5 – 7
  • Resolution in Pixels: 2 of 40 x 8
  • Mass: 5 Kg
  • Average Power Consumption: 16W
  • Select one fixed LED colour: red, yellow, amber, blue or green (Request Quote for split colours)
  • With Ethernet (LAN) interface as standard
  • With RS485 and RS232 and 20mA Current Loop as standard
  • Select fixed power version: mains AC or 24VDC

Sets of Characters

The displayed text can contain digits and letters/characters from the following alphabets:
– EN, PL, RU, DE, CZ, SK, HU, UA, LT, LV, NO, SE, FR, NL
– the set of special characters (for example % @ ° $ € < > + – = etc.)


Content can be transmitted by the following interfaces: – Ethernet (two-way communication) – RS485 (two-way communication) – RS422 – 232 (with optical isolation) – CL 20mA current loop (with optical isolation)


Displays communicate with the host system using one of the two protocols:

– MODBUS RTU (RS485 interface only)

– Uncomplicated R004 protocol developed by RGB Technology (included in the price of the device at purchase)

Interfaces with two-way communication enable obtaining the acknowledgment of the receipt of the data by the display.

The specific capabilities of the device are as follows:

  1. UPWT-4-2 is a two-verse device. Two-verse devices have one interface, but they display the text in each verse independently.
  2. Displaying flowing or stationary messages (forced flowing text, forced stationary text, switching on the flow of the text automatically when the messages do not fit on the display).
  3. Available length of messages is from 1 to 100 characters.
  4. 20 different speeds of the text flow.
  5. Two font-faces of standard characters (normal and bold).
  6. Five font-faces of digits with a fixed width dedicated to display numbers, for example finished items, daily schedule, etc.. (two normal font-faces and three bold font-faces).
  7. Displaying current temperature (extra option).
  8. Two modes of brightness adjustment: manual (10 different brightness levels) or automatic (4 different profiles of the brightness sensor).

Additional Options Available

These further options are also available. Specific requests can be made using our Request a Quote service.

  • A different colour of LED can be selected for each line of the display.
  • Temperature probe for display of current temperature.

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