Metrix boosts steel safety

Posted on 31 March 2017 by Peter Dann

A 1.2m LED bargraph display unit from Metrix Electronics UK’s Migra/Migan Microsyst range is in use at a steel mill. The unit provides distance readable indication of the level of molten steel in a vessel for at-a-glance monitoring by workers in this safety-critical environment.
An integral heater was included inside the IP65 aluminium case to cope with temperature swings in the mill building.

The customer’s brief:
“…a large 500-1000mm tall bar graph with numeric display for use in a steel mill on the cast floor.  It will be exposed to very dirty environment with seasonal temperature swings from -7 to +35ºC. ”

The customer’s verdict:
“Thank you very much.  I will tell you that we are trying to promote your bargraph as an option for our measurement system.  I hope we can sell a lot of them.”