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DAS 700/DAS701
DAS 700/DAS701 DAS 700 DAS 700 DAS 700

Sefram DAS 700

High Speed DAS 6 channel handheld recorder

Sefram DAS 700 high speed data recorder with 6 channels, paperless and with panoramic touch screen.

LAN & USB (WiFi option)

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Internal battery

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DAS 700 is a paperless tactile Data Acquisition Solution with 6 universal isolated channels

The Data Acquisition Solution DAS700 and the DAS 700SV (without fan) is a High-Speed Recorder that enables you to acquire multiple parameters: Voltage, Current (with shunt or Clamp), Temperature (thermocouples), measurements on sensors (e.g. 0-10V; 4-20 mA), etc.. With its 6 universal analog channels and 16 logical inputs you can record long term measurements with a sampling rate of 1MHz taking full use of the 500GB internal hard disk memory. With a special integrated function of Power Analysis you can record all your parameters on a Single-Phase and Three-Phase network (50Hz, 400Hz and 1kHz). This Data Acquisition Solution can be remotely controlled by USB, Ethernet or WiFi connection and the results can be analysed on license-free software from Sefram.

DAS700 combines autonomy, power and simplicity making it the right answer to your recording needs.

Features of the DAS 700

  • 6 analogue channels
  • Universal inputs
  • DC, AC+DC RMS voltage measurement
  • Frequency, Thermocouple, Pt100
  • 14 Bit resolution
  • 16 logical channels
  • 15.4 inch TFT colour touch screen
  • 1 Mega sample/s sampling rate
  • 128 Mword memory
  • 500 GB internal hard disk
  • Interfaces: 6 X USB, Ethernet, XGA
  • Power analysis function: 50Hz, 60Hz, 400 Hz, 1 kHz
  • Battery option (except DAS 700SV)
  • WiFi option
  • 19’’ rackmount kit (option)
  • Go-No-Go mode
  • IEC 1010 CAT III 600 V


  • CAN – LIN bus (2 CAN ports, 2 LIN input) – factory option
  • WiFi interface
  • Internal battery – factory option
  • 2 TB memory extension
  • GPS option – internal clock synchronisation with GPS time
  • High impedance input option

Authorised Agent

Metrix Electronics has been an authorised agent for the Sefram range of portable test and measurement instruments for over 15 years.

Finally, setting the highest standards in accuracy and performance, SEFRAM is recognized as a leader in the recorders market.

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